Super Couples by Prachi Garg – Book Review

When an alpha male and an alpha female come together, predicting the results can be quite tricky. But in cases where the two strike the perfect chord, success inevitably follows. The book ‘Super Couples’ by Prachi Garg, is one such book which brings together the success stories of several such alpha couples who found their calling in life together.

Super Couples by Prachi Garg - Book Review

Review: Super Couples by Prachi Garg

My husband and I are an equal-earning, equal-parenting, mutual respecting kind of a couple. Together, we have nurtured our lives and built our fortune. Most people around us either do not understand our relationship completely, or are in awe of it. But the truth is, we are like many others whose marriage is not dictated by stereotypical norms. When Prachi approached me about her book, I was instantly intrigued. A book about couple-preneurs! Yes, I would love to read more about such couples and perhaps, find inspiration to strengthen my own relationship.

The book arrived and did not fail to provide inspiration. It is filled with captivating stories of how two people met and found their life and their success together.


The idea of couple-preneurs makes a lot of sense. There is hardly anyone you could trust as much as your life partner when it comes to a business you are truly passionate about. ‘Super Couples’ features many startups by real life partners. Most of the startups mentioned are in the growing e-commerce field but there are also others like Art, Flower Deliveries, DIY Craft Kits, Events etc. It was enlightening to read how each couple paved their own path to success. Each feature is packed with ideas, business strategies, overcoming hurdles and examples of good work ethics.


Another thing to love about this book is that the ventures featured are all works of passion. From creating natural body products to creating wearable art, each enterprise was undertaken not just for profits, but for personal gratification. From Minakshi and Jey who travel on their motorcycle to create art to Madhurita and Yuvraj who design safe shelters for animals, you come to know of couples who are not passionate about something, but also work to bring their dreams to life through their actions.

Book Review - Super Couples by Prachi Garg

Final Thoughts

Couples who have a chemistry between them that people around never seem to understand, will be able to relate to the ‘Super Couples’ featured in the book. People will the entrepreneurial bug in them will love this book just for the insight Prachi GargĀ provides into the world of startups. The author is the co-founder of and manages to give the readers a glimpse into the livesĀ of entrepreneurs. How each couple identified a need for their services is an eye-opener.

My only suggestion for the book would be to include more pictures of the couples onsite. I would have loved to see the ‘behind-the-scenes’ pictures of most of these ventures. I also found missing the ‘work life balance’ aspect. Although there are some mentions of how work took over important celebrations etc., I am always keen to learn how successful couples, especially parents, balance their family lives.

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