Imagimake Toys Worldwide Range : Review

This Christmas, Santa gifted my kids two of Imagimake’s toy model building activities from their ‘Worldwide’ range. Imagimake toys make great gifts and are excellent for combining education with fun.

Imagimake Toys Worldwide Range : Review

Imagimake Toys: Worldwide Houses and Monuments

We love to travel with our kids in tow and give them as much exposure as possible. But as we all know, we can never travel enough. Through TV and other media, we try to give our kids as much knowledge as their little, inquisitive brains demand. When shopping online at for Christmas gifts for them, I was introduced to the Imagimake range of toys. I liked them instantly and picked out two to begin with.

A Different Experience

Both ‘Houses‘ and ‘Monuments‘ give kids a chance to create 13 different miniature 3D models of buildings across the world using foam blocks. The building activity teaches kids so much more than a book or a TV ever could. Step-by-step, the kids can follow instructions and create perfect models. It is, of course, your job to furnish more information about every model they create. Kids will love to learn about the different types of houses people live in, and why and how these abodes differ from their own.¬†Similarly, the act of creating each monument is sure to embed it into their minds forever.

Imagimake Houses Worldwide - 3D construction foam toys


The manufacturer recommended ages for these toys are 5 years plus but my 5 year old would have difficulty making them on his own. At least not perfectly. With his 10 year old sister to help, the two are creating perfect models. The little bro takes the pieces out and forms them, while she helps with the gluing part (and the part about having patience to let each piece dry!). If you don’t mind spending a few hours with the kids, they are perfect for 5 year olds. However, if you prefer the kids do it all by themselves, these are perfect for 7-8 year olds. The locking mechanism is fairly easy and the pieces are cut to precision.

The Verdict

These building toys are like a very advanced, practical lesson plan for teaching kids about the world around them. And not once will your child suspect that you are trying to ‘educate’ them. They love the construction part and are eager to learn about the models they create! Support their play experience with more details on each structure on the internet. They will love to see real life pictures of what they just created!

Imagimake Houses Worldwide - 3D construction foam toys

They are perfect for inculcating coordination, architecture skills and improving their knowledge of our planet. Once the models are completed, the possibilities are endless. You can, of course, display them in the kids room but I have more ideas. They make great toys for role play. Your kids will love to include them in their pretend plays involving cities, countries, movie sets, travel etc. They could also used be along with the map to teach kids about different countries and cultures.

All in all, they make great gift ideas and provide a wonderful learning experience coupled with fun and creative activity.

The Negatives

There are no negatives really, but you will be disappointed if you are looking for a toy that can be used over and over again. Unlike blocks, Imagimake toys are not open-ended. They can be fit together to make a particular structure which will be glued permanently. So, it is basically one time of creating and building and then, playing with the created models.