Personalized Christmas Stockings – Yes, In India!

There has been a new addition to the family and we need to match everything up – again! What a great excuse for shopping, isn’t it? Check out my mantle complete with three brand new, matching PERSONALIZED Christmas Stockings from my favorite personalization store – The Pipal.

Personalized Christmas Stockings in India

Finding Personalized Christmas Stockings in India

After ordering matching personalized stockings for my daughter and son four years ago all the way from Etsy USA, my only dilemma every Christmas was to think of a unique list of things to fill them up with. This year is different, however. I had my third baby and the year has been busy coordinating the kids outfits (Ah! Bliss!) and coming up with creative photography ideas for the trio. However, between keeping the blogs and the social media updated, entertaining guests during the month and planning for a (first-ever) out-station school trip, I completely forgot to order new stockings – we are going to need 3 now – and they HAVE to be matching! With less than a week to go for Christmas, there was simply no time to place an order overseas. International shoppers will know the erratic time frames taken by products to reach your doorstep. Even the trusty old, who delivered to India in one week, a couple of years before, is taking 2 weeks for the same now. I had to find some place in India. Or if it came to that, shop plain stockings and get them embroidered locally. It did not come to that, however, though I have no idea how that would have gone.

Personalized Christmas Stockings by 'The Pipal'


A frantic search online put me at ease immediately. My favorite store – The Pipal – had them all! Wonder why I never checked them before. Maybe, I wasn’t looking for them, when they were introduced on their store. My eldest daughter did the job of finalizing the design from the 3 available designs and I ordered with less than a week to go for Christmas. But as always, the folks at The Pipal were quick and efficient and I received the stockings on time. You can see for yourself how pretty they look on the mantle where kids have just put them up. If you have ever shopped from their online store, you will know about the quality. The fabric, the stitching, the finishing and the embroidered customization is all, in one word, impeccable!

My Christmas Mantel has 3 Stockings this year!

Thanks to ‘The Pipal’ for the gorgeous stockings and super fast shipping. Santa is sure to be even more generous this year, methinks!