There’s Still Time to Plan A Last-Minute Children’s Day Surprise

I bet you forgot to do anything special for your kids for Children’s Day! Most of the times you even forget to wish them a ‘Happy Children’s Day’? Don’t fret about there not being any time now. You can still plan a last-minute Children’s Day surprise.

There's Still Time to Plan A Last-Minute Children's Day Surprise

A Sweet Children’s Day Surprise

Every year, your children painstakingly make a handmade card and pick flowers to make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day special for you. And what is it that you do for Children’s Day? Dress them up for school and let their teachers take care of it? Of course, you do so much more every day of the year for them. But it is simply not the same. A special day deserves a special treat, right? Even at home. No, I am not asking you to make them a handmade card. They are probably not going to appreciate it. But you can get them a special sweet treat that is loved by kids (of all ages) in India. And you don’t have to look far to get it right now.

India’s Most Loved Chocolate – Cadbury Dairy Milk

Yes, you always have time to get them a Dairy Milk :). The smoothest milk chocolate bar ever, has been India’s most popular chocolate ever. While most kids have their own choices, I am yet to come across someone who did not manage to lick it up to the last decadent drop. The combination of perfectly balanced sweetness and the rich milk chocolate from has been a winner for as long as we have known it.

And you probably won’t need any excuses to grab a few for your kids before the day ends. Dairy Milk is so easily available. You could stop at the first store on the way back home or simply order some from your grocery delivery app. There are endless number of variations available – different sizes from bite-sized to jumbo sized, flavors, single bars, gift packs, you name it! You are sure to find something to make your kids’ eyes sparkle without making a hole in your pocket.

Let Go and Relax – It’s Children’s Day!

Don’t you love when you are pampered on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? The breakfast-in-bed is a welcome break from cooking. Your children will love the same treatment today. Give them a respite from your usual uptight parenting. Overlook their mistakes for a bit and laugh them away. Spend some time with them and re-live your own childhood as you play together, watch or movie or enjoy sharing their chocolate gifts with them. Give them a special surprise and watch their faces glow – that will be your gift!

One Step Further

Yes, it’s children’s day! A special day for children all around you. Some fortunate to be living with caring parents like yourself, others not so much. How about picking up a few extra bars of Dairy Milk to share with some more children? You or your children could bring even more smiles today by sharing some chocolates with others who will appreciate them even more. You could start with the children of your household help. Look beyond to see the society guard, the auto-rickshaw driver or the guy who comes to collect garbage at your house. Give them the pleasure of surprising their children with a bar of Dairy Milk! It will cost you almost nothing and help spread a lot more smiles!

Happy Children’s Day!