Week 3: 4-Week Walking Plan

If you have been following the 4-week walking plan religiously, I am sure you are already noticing the change in your fitness levels.¬†You’ll be walking for 40 minutes at a time by the end of this week.

Week 3 of the 4-Week Walking Plan

Aim to conquer bigger, steeper hills. This will increase the intensity of your walks and up the amount of calories you’ll burn.

Day 1: Return to the local football field and walk up and down the entire length of the bleachers, varying the speed of your pace, for 30 minutes.

Day 2: Instead of driving, walk into town to drop off your mail. See how quickly you can get there and back.

Day 3: As you walk to a nearby hill, swing your arms to pick up your pace.

Day 4: Find the most hilly area in your neighborhood. Take a portable radio or CD player with you and listen to your favorite music. Aim to walk for 40 minutes.

Day 5: Rest day. Spend the time you would have spent walking giving your muscles a good stretch.

Day 6: Find a long set of stairs. Climb up and down them five times. Then walk for 15 minutes.

Day 7: Find a nature path where you can hike for 40 minutes. Take your kids with you and sing songs together.

Rainy Day Plan:

Unfortunately not every day is perfect walking weather. Here are two rainy-day ideas to prevent you from falling off the workout bandwagon.

  • Drive to the mall and walk every floor without stopping to shop.
  • Find a set of indoor stairs and walk up and down them for 10 minutes or more. Still feeling energized? Do some jumping jacks.

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