Week 4: 4-Week Walking for Fitness Plan

This week, put together everything you’ve learned over the past three weeks of the 4-week walking for fitness plan.

Maintain good posture while climbing stairs or hills. Pick up the pace even if it’s for short bursts of time.

Aim to walk for 45 minutes a day.

Week 4: 4-Week Walking for Fitness Plan

Day 1: As you walk along a sidewalk, take long strides over the cracks for one block, then take two small steps in between cracks for the next block.

Day 2: Walk to the football field. When you get there, hit the bleachers and do 10 minutes of step climbing. Walk back.

Day 3: Find a flight of stairs and walk up and down it 10 times. Then walk home. Try to keep going for at least 40 minutes.

Day 4: Speedwalk steadily for 20 minutes. Cool down and speed up again for 10.

Day 5: Rest and stretch. Reward yourself by getting a sharp new walking T-shirt.

Day 6: As you walk, speed up every time you see a telephone pole, decrease your speed for a minute or two and then increase your speed again.

Day 7: Challenge your husband to a 45-minute race that includes speedwalks and hills. See who wins!

Rainy Day Plan:
Unfortunately not every day is perfect walking weather. Here are two rainy-day ideas to prevent you from falling off the workout bandwagon.

  • Drive to the mall and walk every floor without stopping to shop.
  • Find a set of indoor stairs and walk up and down them for 10 minutes or more. Still feeling energized? Do some jumping jacks.