Is Boxing A Good Body Workout To Lose Weight?

It’s time to answer the ultimate question – can boxing beat you into perfect shape versus running or other workouts?

Is Boxing A Good Body Workout To Lose Weight?

Without further ado, let’s cut to the chase and find out what the world of boxing offers for fitness aficionados and newbies alike:

Calories Burned

Boxing workouts are intense and versatile in nature. Those punch and jabs involve movement, footwork, and coordination too, thus targeting different muscle groups and pitting your legs against new challenges.

There are no rote patterns involved and due to new moves every minute, you end up working harder than usual. A typical 45-minute intense boxing workout can burn up between 300 to 400 calories for the average person while boxing sessions specifically designed for weight loss burn anywhere between 600 to 850 calories for 45-minute sessions! That’s a lot of calories jam-packed into a workout.

Different Workouts

Repeating the same workout day in and out makes your muscles get used to it. Boxing classes are, however, different. Every class is a challenge and you’re forced to strategize and restrategize movements within the ring. This involves moving a lot more than traditional workouts, thus pushing your internal obliques and other muscle groups.

Shadowboxing and contact drills strengthen your muscles and improve hand-eye coordination. Kickboxing and cardio boxing are the common styles of boxing employed in most workout sessions. Your regular boxing workouts may also be done without any types of equipment too!

Resistance moves combined with callisthenics during sparring or training sessions increase bone density and add more mobility to the joints.

Running And Jumprope

Boxing routines begin with traditional running or jump rope sessions every week. If you love running or want to prep up for the good stuff, take up boxing classes and gift yourself a surprise for the New Year. Running is also great for your waistline and cardiovascular health.

Mood And Mobility

Boxing is designed for those who crave upper-body workouts and are perfect for people with limited mobility. Don’t let a lack of movement discourage you from taking up this sport and kickstart your weight loss with a couple of Cult Bangalore boxing classes. Additionally, boxing is also a source of stress relief and beats depression and anxiety any day. If you’ve ever wanted to punch someone and get some relief, then it’s time to say hello to those brand new boxing gloves.

Suitable for All Ages

Boxing is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. Most boxing workouts are high-intensity training sessions and burn calories rapidly within a short amount of time, which is why take these classes up especially if you’re strapped for time. Add at least one boxing class per week to your fitness routine if you’re a beginner and ramp up the numbers or frequency of sessions the more you progress.


Everybody is different and we all come in different shapes and sizes. Train under an instructor and establish the right habits such as proper posture and form to make the most out of your boxing workouts. If you’re looking for boxing classes in the city, we recommend Cult Bangalore boxing classes as they are beginner friendly and have fitness instructors who even throw in a little cross-training and aerobics in the mix for more fun and fitness. Know more about boxing.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your boxing classes today and experience a new thrill while transforming your body this 2018!