Kids Photo Booth Props for 10th Birthday Party + Free Printables

Girls just wanna have fun! My little girl (who is not so little anymore, it turns out) turned a decade old. If you have a teen or a pre-teen in your house, you will know just how fast their tastes change. These ‘little women’ want to have a lot of glitz and glamour just like the older girls! I came up with a few ideas for a very special 10th birthday party for my girl. I will break up the details in two different posts since there were two unique ideas that shaped this 10th birthday party.

The first idea involved a lot of pictures! In our selfie generation, taking pictures has come a long way. I love the idea of photo booths but could not find something appropriate for a bunch of 8 to 14 year olds. My kids and their friends are not really into the ‘moustache’ props. So, I decided to make my own. Having a knowledge of computer graphics has helped me plan some very unique kids parties over the years. But before I jump to the photo props, here is something special I did for the birthday party decor.

10th birthday photo garland

Little Miss 10 year old had already told me that she wanted the ‘color scheme’ (totally takes after me!) of the birthday was to be blue and yellow. I made this pretty photo garland using her pictures from every birthday (1 to 9) and one when she was just a baby. I taped them to yellow chevron napkins and used miniature wooden clothespins to hang them to blue satin ribbon. All the guests (most of who have seen her growing up) had a great time looking at them and she was elated herself!

Photo Booth

The main attraction of the party (other than the 2nd part, which remained a surprise) was a photo booth. My youngest being only 6 months old and very active, I skipped any tedious decoration and kept things simple with this backdrop.

easy butterfly photo backdrop for blue and yellow 10th birthday party

My white curtains served as the perfect backdrop. I pinned two butterfly-shaped foam tablemats to it and gathered some blue balloons. The props did the rest.

Kids Photo Booth Props

Kids Emoji photo booth props for 10th birthday party

It was as much fun creating these props as the young guests had posing with them.

Kids Photo Booth Props for Girl's 10th Birthday Party

From the popular ‘Babaji ka thullu’ to ‘Tu jaana nahi main kaun hu’, there was plenty for boys and girls to happily pose with. Popular whatsapp smileys and cute ‘Wanted’ props were also very popular at the party. Kids and grown-ups both enjoyed imitating the emojis. Moms loved the ‘Mere Paas Maa Hai’ prop which gave us some picture perfect Mom & Child memories! We used a tripod for the camera to give it the proper ‘studio’ feel.

If you think your child will love the idea too, feel free to download my props. They are mostly in blue, yellow and pink colors, though, since those were the colors of the party. You will only need to print them on A4 size printer papers, glue them to cardboard and tape some kind of rods to them. I used wooden rulers as they are very sturdy and can be re-used. The ‘dukanwaala’ did wonder why I needed rulers (wooden, to be exact) but he did not say anything. He has gotten used to all my crazy shopping before birthday parties. The lengths we go to execute our ideas!

Free Downloadable Birthday Party Photo Booth Props

Click on each prop to open it in a new window. Then, right-click and ‘Save as’ and then print on an A4 size sheet using your printer. If some of them are larger than your sheet of paper, just use the ‘Fit to Page’ option.


This one has both ‘Drama Queen’ and ‘Wanted to be too cute’. You will need to cut out the ‘Wanted’ part and glue it on to a square cardboard with a smaller square window cut out for the face. Perfect for lil ones!!




Baba Ji Ka Thullu Printable Photo Booth Prop


happy birthday printable photo prop

Print the one above in ‘Landscape’ mode.

'I came for the Cake' - Free Printable Photo Booth Prop for Kids






'This is what Awesome looks like' - Kids Photo Booth Prop - Free Printable

This will also come out best in ‘Landscape’ mode.

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