8 Natural Home Remedies for Sun Tan Removal

Exposure to the hot sun in India is one of the worst things that can happen to your skin. Since you cannot altogether avoid it, it is better to arm yourself with a few effective natural home remedies for sun tan removal from the treasury of traditional Indian practices. Below are some sure fire ways to remove sun tan submitted by our visitors as entries for the April Mystery Box giveaway. Use them to tweak your beauty routines and stay beautiful at any time of the year!

8 Natural Home Remedies for Sun Tan Removal

1. Take 1 spoon raw milk and mix it with 1 spoon besan to get radiant skin. It also removes sun tan and heals dry skin.

– sonalisaxena77

2. Summer is the time for fun and outdoor activities in the western world and colder regions of the world.Sure enough, some tan is good, but too much of the Sun could give you such a dark tan that you wish you had never ventured out in the first place. so here is my sweet mom’s remedy for tanning.really it works I just always use for me . 🙂 Take a table spoon each of cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water and mix in well. Apply the mix with cotton on tanned areas and keep it for about 10 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. Apply this pack every day after you get back home from the sun.It is so easy and best remedy to stay away from tanning.

– nishatnjm1

3. A solution of equal rose water +lemon juice+glycerin. Mix all 3 in equal quantity and store it in a bottle. Use it like a moisturizer. It does wonders for the skin by making it soft and even removes tanning.

– suruchi_here

4. I was born fair but my color darkened because I went to school by cycle from class 5 to class 12. And sometimes I feel bad for my dark skin. My granny told me this beauty tip: She said “Soak chironji whole night in milk and then make a fine paste of it. Then apply that paste on your face and when it is semi dry, gently rub on the face and wash it off with normal water.” Chironji is one of the best nut for getting beautiful skin .

– Bhawnachirps

5. Mix cucumber juice with mashed ripe papaya and honey. Make a paste and apply it all over your body to remove tan. Keep it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with plain water. The skin will look fresh and bright.

– Sujata Ganguly

6. My special beauty tip is a face pack which removes sun tan and also brings back the glow and softness of skin. Take 1 tablespoon finely powdered oats and add only few drops of gulab jal (rosewater), mashed banana and 2-3 drops of extra virgin olive oil. Mix all well and make a smooth paste. If required, add 1 spoon of milk just enough to make a smooth paste and leave it for about 5 minutes so that all the things gets mixed well. Apply on face for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water and then touch your face skin and feel the soft and smooth texture and the glow of skin. Use this face pack once a week only!

– Meenakshi Kapur

7. Besan and malai paste is very effective for removing tan.

– Prachi Gulati

8. Mix orange peel powder with lemon juice and milk. Apply this paste for instant glow and removing sun tan.

– prachimana

The use of a sunscreen is always recommended, but when you end up getting tanned, it is best to go back to our roots. These home remedies for sun tan removal are natural, safe and tested for years by our mothers and their mothers!

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