Tips for Applying Nail Polish to Perfection

Applying Nail polish is a great way to add color, drama, and sophistication to your overall look. The nail colors you select and the nail polish application techniques that you use will determine what type of look you create and what type of response you will get. The following tips for applying nail polish will help you to create the look that you are after.

Tips for Applying Nail Polish to Perfection

1. Always Start with Nail Polish Remover

Before you apply polish to your nails you need to wipe each nail down with nail polish remover. This will remove the old polish and it will also remove the oils and residues on your fingernails. This will help the new nail polish to adhere better to your nails.

2. Use Several Thin Coats of Nail Polish

If you are interested in long lasting nail polish then you will want to apply several thin layers of nail polish instead of one thick layer of polish. Think of it as laminating your nails. Each thin layer offers its own protection. Then each additional layer builds on the strength of the last layer. This method of nail polish application will help your nail polish to last longer and to resist damage.

3. Use a White Nail Pencil to Create a French Manicure

If you want to do your own French Manicure then you may want to replace your white nail polish with a white nail pencil. When you are ready to apply the white detailing of the French Manicure then you will want to use the white nail pencil to draw the white tipping onto the underside of your fingernails instead of from the top side. This will create a much cleaner finish, and it won’t chip off as easily.

4. Select a Nail Color That Will Compliment Your Complete Look

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when selecting a nail color is that it is too strong for their complete look. For example, if you have a dramatic makeup application then you will want a neutral nail polish. This is a good rule to follow, especially if you are wearing a bright red lipstick.

5. Fixing Bubbles

If your nail polish developed a bubble you can fix it quickly. First you will want to file down the bubble’s edges with an emery board. Next you will want to fill in the bubble’s crater using a toothpick. Allow this to dry. File down to smooth out the filled in area. Finally add a thin layer of nail polish over the top of the affected nail.

6. Start and End with Clear Nail Polish

Have you ever experienced darkened nails after removing a dark colored nail polish like black? No matter how much remover you use, your nails continue to bear traces of the color. This lasts until the nail grows out. To save your nails from this, always use a base coat of clear nail polish especially if you plan to apply a dark color. Similarly, add a top coat to seal your nail polish and add a glossy finish to it.